Jamie’s Food Revolution Review

Try reading a cookbook cover to cover. If you don’t, you might miss that fantastic Salmon En Croute that you never knew existed and which would do just perfectly for your (now) upcoming luncheon. But if you try it, your imagination and appetite are in for quite a stimulating few hours.

Jamie’s Food Revolution is a unique cookbook (judging from the ones I’ve read) in that it seeks to teach and inspire absolute beginners with simple recipes that they already know and love from eating out. Although some of the more British* recipes might be new to Americans, these are generally classic dishes that you would find in your favorite pub, Italian restaurant, pastry shop, or even fast food joint. This cookbook doesn’t abide by the standard idea that home cooking and restaurant food have to be separate and unequal, but instead seeks to prove that cooking your favorite foods at home, with some friends and family, can be even more fun than going out and having them served to you.

Although I’m already planning to cook at least half the recipes from Jamie’s Food Revolution, I can’t review this cookbook without mentioning that it’s design isn’t excellent, and not nearly up to par with Jamie Oliver’s other cookbooks. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw that each chapter is introduced, not with a mouth-watering photograph of food, but with old, British wallpaper.

Beverage: I would recommend some scones (a nice recipe on pg 331) paired with a bit of English breakfast tea to properly celebrate the book’s Britishness.

Reminds me… of Cook with Jamie, another of Jamie Oliver’s beginner’s cookbooks, except Jamie’s Food Revolution has some easier, quicker recipes and many more photographs of wallpaper and porcelain dear heads.

*Watch out for Marmite, a thick, brown sandwich spread made from a by-product of beer brewing, packaged with the slogan ‘love it or hate it’.


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