Two Tiny Books to Read on a Break

The Light Princess by George MacDonald

I picked this delightful book up out of shear curiosity about the title, only to find that I had unwittingly stumbled upon one of those short, elegant, and quirky books that make a quiet hour absolutely perfect. The fairy-tale has a light, airy quality that so characterizes the genre, but the problems that beset the poor princess, who is deprived of her gravity, are completely unique and lead to hilarious circumstances.

Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman

This is not a sweet, sympathetic epilogue to the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman; Lyra and Will don’t get to meet up again and fill heart-wrenching pages with scenes of love. It is a companion to the trilogy, which is to say that it’s a glimpse into Lyra’s life a few years after the books end. Reading it (if you loved His Dark Materials, of course) is like checking up on an old friend and finding out that she’s keeping her promises, making mistakes, and well on her way to growing up.


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