Hector and the Search for Happiness

Lesson no. 8: Happiness is being with the people you love…
Lesson no. 19: The sun and the sea make everybody happy…
Lesson no. 20: Happiness is a certain way of seeing things…”
(Hector and the search for Happiness, Francois Lelord)

I loved the detached, almost objective, perspective of the narrator: it seemed as if Francois Lelord was looking at humanity, and all of our daily quirky habits and emotions, from a bird’s eye view. This allowed him to simplify certain concepts that people spend copious amounts of time trying to define (such as “countries run by bad people” and “the thing people do when they’re in love”) and also to tell a nice, light, story without being encumbered by too many details.

Yet, I am not planning to read Francois Lelord’s next book (Hector and the search for Love). Although it was a charming story, I don’t think that I learned anything new from reading it. Many of the lessons on happiness were lovely to look at, but none of them struck me as being particularly pertinent or profound. Perhaps the very reason that I liked reading the story is the reason I didn’t find the lessons drawn from it very helpful – they were just so impersonal that it is hard to think of applying them to your life.

Reminds me ofThe Little Prince, although I wouldn’t necessarily turn it around and say that The Little Prince reminds me of Hector, if you know what I mean.

Beverage: This book definitely necessitates something light and frothy to go with it – perhaps a milkshake, the flavor of which would, however, be up to you.


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