Ella Enchanted

“Mandy says there are two sorts of people in the world: those who blame everyone else and those who blame only themselves. I place myself in a third category! Among those who know where the blame really lies” (Ella Enchanted, Gail Carson Levine)

Ella Enchanted was sweet and charming tale, with a rather strong undercurrent of individualism and rebellion. This is a good story, plain and simple. One you can curl up with on a day off and that will have you wishing for more happy, slightly snarky, endings and colorful rebuttals.

Save for a small space of time near the end, I hardly noticed I was reading a retold fairy-tale at all. The author’s re-envisioning of the story is so complete that only the absolute fundamentals of the characters and plot remain. Instead of having a meek and servile Cinderella, Gail Levine gives the reader a cursed girl who fights against her imposed obedience with every ounce of cunning she possesses. This rebellious twist gives the old fairy-tale a more modern backbone and lesson: in order to marry the charming prince, the girl has to find strength within herself first and foremost. Although, I can’t help but regret that the wicked stepfamily received no punishment: no eyes being torn out by vultures, nothing. It may be more modern to not gruesomely punish evil-doers, but it is much less satisfying.

Beverage: This book requires a strong, no-nonsense beverage. One might try a deeply colored black tea or coffee.

Reminds me of… the movie Ever After which I watched almost compulsively as a kid. Ella Enchanted, however, has a much more creative story-line.


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