The Summer Book

“I’ll never get anywhere with this book,’ said Sophia angrily. ‘How can I think if I have to worry about spelling all the time? I lose my place, and the whole thing’s a mess!’ (The Summer Book, Tove Jansson)

Although the title of this book may look out of place, it is actually rather appropriate for this time of year. Here in Boston we just had our last bought of beautiful weather, the golden leaves have almost fallen down entirely, and a real chill is just on the horizon. This extreme turning of the seasons is the end of summer for Sophia and her Grandmother, the time where they pack up their belongings and move into town. To them, summer does not end until winter is almost ready to begin.

The Summer Book is lovely, soft and simple, and it focuses on natural changes and the relationship between the young and the old. Tove Jansson is famous for writing the Moomin children’s book series, and while this book contains a similar light feeling, it substitutes the adventure of the moomins with a super-realism of sorts. I enjoyed this book, but I wouldn’t necessarily put it on a must-read list. If you’re a big reader and want something with a slower pace than most adult literature, it would be good enjoyed at a secluded cabin, or at least in a very deep armchair.

Beverage: Some dark, deep tea, like a lapsang Souchong, would fit well here.



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