Nathaniel Fludd: Beastologist, The Flight of the Phoenix

“’Yes. Now put that book of yours away and come along.’ The Lawyer closed his watch with a snap. ‘Eh, what have you drawn there?’ he asked. ‘A walrus?’
‘Er. Yes.’ Nate shut the sketchbook quickly, before the lawyer could recognize himself.’” (The Flight of The Phoenix, R. L. LaFevers)

This is another book that a relatively quick reader could get through on a short hour of down time. What I liked about it was its simplicity; R. L. LaFevers tells a clean cut and engrossing story without resorting to cheep tricks to get the reader hooked. The main character doesn’t demand loads of heart wrenching sympathy or find himself in any real near-death situations, but finds instead that he can be slightly braver than he once thought.

After finishing the first book of the series, I looked around desperately for the second, The Basilisk’s Lair, because I simply needed more. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found and skipping directly to the third book left something to be desired. I feel comfortable recommending Nathaniel Fludd, and it’s sister series, Theodosia, also by LaFevers, to readers under ten who are hankering to get in on the series madness. I would especially like to offer it to parents who want to give their kids a good series at young ages and would otherwise resort to Harry Potter. Don’t get me wrong, I love HP, but you would not believe how many parents come in the store claiming that their seven year olds have read all of them and are looking for the next big thing. No matter what the advertising industry might think, the last three books of good old HP aren’t written for young children: there are just too many mature themes. Nathaniel Fludd and Theodosia, however, would work rather well.

Beverage: This quick, high-flying adventure story requires something equally gulp-worthy, such as a milk shake or smoothie.



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