“You see, these were the days (and the evenings) of yore,
when the earth was exciting and less of a bore
back then it was brimming with creatures and things
like dragons and ogres and griffins with wings.

Our planet, back then, was a wondrous affair,
And boredom itself was exceedingly rare.”
(Zorgamazoo, Robert Paul Weston)

I have become increasingly smitten with books that deal with overcoming boredom/tedium/ennui or whatever you’d like to call it. It is such an important, daily problem and I am completely flummoxed as to why it is only dealt with in children’s literature. It seems to me that adults are the ones who generally need to be saved from the dread demon Trivium, and not the other way around. Pascal, of course, had some rather good thoughts about ennui, but sometimes I crave a more adventurous solution to boredom than locking myself in my room…

Zorgamazoo is much more than your run-of-the-mill boredom-busting book. It is, in itself, an adventure in writing; for all two hundred and eighty eight pages are written in couplets! These aren’t your ordinary rhyming sentences, where the couplet is completely expected and dull, either: they are nice, juicy rhymes that never cease to delight. Zorgamazoo, as one might expect, won some awards for being an excellent read-aloud book. I am sure that it is fabulous to read aloud, and I plan on doing it myself sometime, but one can’t overlook the interesting formatting, fonts, and drawings that litter every page. It seems to me that only hearing this book would definitely take something away from it, and I only wish that there had been a read-it-to-yourself or make-sure-to-look-at-the-pages award to complement the E.B. White one.

Beverage: As this is a book that explicitly warns against boredom, you have to be very careful not to sip your daily brew. I feel like something lemony and sour with flavors too big to be gulped would do the trick.

Reminds me of… The Phantom Tollbooth, The Secret Garden, and A Wrinkle In Time, other favorite books which deal with this interesting problem.


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