George and Martha

“George was fond of peeking in windows.” (George and Martha, James Marshall)

This year I used Christmas cards as yet another opportunity to spread the word about good books. The bookstore where I work had some discounted cards illustrated by none other than James Marshall. Once I had them, I couldn’t resist putting in some juicy tidbits and personalized recommendations in each card because the lightness and humor of George and Martha should spread cheer and delight the whole year through.

I simply can not get enough of these two friends; the sentences are simple, almost to the point of poetry, the drawings are bright and sunny, and the stories about friendship never fail to make me laugh aloud. I know that critics and book-cover-reviewers are overly fond of the phrase ‘for all ages’ but James Marshall’s work truly does have two (if not more) distinct levels. Not only can the humor be read in two different ways, but the stories themselves are deceptively profound examples of healthy relationships.

Beverage: Unless you get all of the works of George and Martha together, the book will only take a few minutes to peruse, but it is still probably worth making a cup of hot chocolate (maybe with the smell of a pot of split pea soup boiling in the background.)

Reminds me of… Jeeves and Wooster in a way because both have that smiling, light-hearted humor that I so prize.


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