Harry Potter

“Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, and their son, Dudley, were Harry’s only living relatives. They were Muggles, and they had a very medieval attitude toward magic.” (Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, J. K. Rowling)

If the BookLion is a faithful log of all my reading, I have to admit that I haven’t quite been as honest, or maybe I should say precise, as I could be. The thing is, sometimes I fall off the literary (or in this case non-fiction) wagon: I read magazines, books for school, reread old favorites, and continue with long-winded series that I post virtually nothing about. I tend to value posting about books that I’ve read in their entirety, but why should I? Magazines, for example, tend to get pushed to the bookish wayside even though they are exceedingly valuable and worthwhile. Also, one of my favorite books last semester was my reference textbook, a category that produces a cringe in most readers, but in this case was filled with wit, sarcasm, and many a well-turned phrase.

One thing I’ve learned from A Gentle Madness, library school, and This Book is Overdue!, is that the seemingly insignificant ephemera of everyday life can be just as important as the commonly perceived Big Events; they just show a different, less polished, side of history. So – and feel free to weigh in on this – I have decided to start being more liberal in what I post about in this blog, starting with my impromptu and yet well-conceived decision to reread Harry Potter! Even though I am enjoying my foray into the lush land of non-fiction, sometimes the comfort food of reading is really what’s needed. Although I meant to post after The Sorcerer’s Stone, I accidentally opened up book two and now, all of a sudden, I’m on book three.

I’ve been thinking about how great it will be once HP has been around for, say, 50 years. I heartily look forward to dragging my 80 year old self out the door for the opening of the inevitable re-do of the HP movies; this time with one producer, no switched Malfoys or Dumbledores, and some Very Serious magic scenes. It is also likely that in 50 years fan-fiction about HP will be legitimized and possibly even considered literary. I can’t help but imagine what the ‘magical community’ would look like through someone else’s eyes, a random person on the metaphorical fence about Voldemort and the Dark Arts for example, or a student just starting school when Harry’s in his Horcrux-hunting phase. There could even be a mystery book where a muggle sees Harry and Ron’s flying car and decides to hunt down witches and wizards. I am not sure whether I want to see the good movies or read the future fan-fiction more… Through whose eyes would you like to see the non-muggle world?

Incidentally, J. K. Rowling will be making an announcement about her mysterious Pottermore website on the 23rd – and my perhaps wild hope is that there will be a new book….


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter

    • They were a huge part of my childhood as well, but they are still just about every bit as important to me now. It (along with quite a few other things, such as the chalk board in my dining room) makes me wonder whether I just never grew up…

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