Although this past month has been just as full of reading and writing as ever, I have unfortunately been extremely negligent about posting at the BookLion. As I despair of posting individually on such a backlog of books, I will dedicate this post to briefly summarizing the reading month of August.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

bossypants coverAlthough I haven’t read a physical copy, I highly recommend the audiobook version of Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. Being an accomplished actress, Tina is able to deliver her humor and expression with a skill rarely heard in this form. The only times I furrowed my brow was whenever she replaced the word ‘book’ with ‘audiobook’, a rather clumsier word, and in my opinion, an audiobook is still a book. That being said, the book itself was, as she describes some of the SNL skits, a veiled and humorous cover for essentially feminist ideas.

The Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card

This little book was the perfect filler for a few hectic days – it was adventurous and active enough to keep me coming back, and light enough to help my mind refresh itself. Though I would not force it upon you or indicate that it was the paramount of Card’s works, you could do worse things with a few hours of your time. I have not decided whether to continue the series, as I have heard that the quality doesn’t remain consistent, but I will let the book marinate in the back of my mind for a while before making the final call.

Mapp and Lucia by E. F. Benson

I simply cannot use enough superlatives to describe the Lucia chronicles. Unlike the proceeding two excellent books, this is a must-read-for-a-complete-life book. Although I do not have the power to physically put the book in your hands over the internet, consider yourself seriously encouraged to go to your local library/bookstore and treat yourself to 1000 pages of unstinting delight. Lucia is perfect served with tea on a cool day, in a small dose over breakfast, or to read for hours in a lovely comfortable armchair. The only reason I have not gobbled up the rest is that I am savoring these last hundred pages, for I know I will be absolutely bereft without her. More detailed posts to come about Lucia, but I want to get in as many recommendations as possible.

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Authur Conan Doyle

I am currently enjoying these stories, which are much darker and gloomier than I had previously envisioned them as being. Who knew that Holmes, the famous reasoner, was a sometimes opium addict? Or that Sir Author Conan Doyle had to kill him off in order to stop the clamor from fans and publishers to focus on more ‘important’ works? I have twenty-four stories in my modern library edition, but would be thrilled to own a big, lovely hardback with all of the stories in one, does anyone know of such a volume?

Vitamix Recipe Book

vitamix-professional-series-500-brushed-stainless-blenderAlthough I did read the whole thing, this is mostly a blatant advertisement for the Vitamix blender; a most useful wedding present. Some of the recipes describe hot soups, heated simply by the friction of the blade. An excellent purchase for the book lover, too, for it includes a thick volume as well as the kitchen appliance.


4 thoughts on “Backlog

  1. If you’re enjoying Lucia (and who wouldn’t) and want to keep your twenties theme going, try Dorford Yates. And of course, PG Woodhouse is a can’t miss.

    • Thanks so much for the tip – I think I will have to do a mini 1920’s British lit section so that I don’t get too blue after Lucia. Evelyn Waugh has also been recommended as a follow up.

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