Reading the Romance

“Although she is now a self-confident and capable woman, Dot believes she was once very different. She claims that she has changed substantially in recent years, a change she attributes to her reading and her work with people in the bookstore.” (Reading the romance by Janice A. Radway)

Reading the Romance CoverAs perhaps evidenced by recent posts, I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about reader’s advisory and reader response theory. Reading the Romance is just one of the books that I’ve been delighting in. This book, published in 1984, revolutionized the field of reader’s advisory by (get this) actually studying the readers themselves to find out why they read and how they pick their next book. Not only was it a fascinating read, but it also helped me change some of my inborn prejudices about romances and those who read them. Who knows – perhaps during a stressful time you’ll even see me put something along the lines of Nora Roberts on this blog, and in response to any criticism, I’ll simply point you towards this book.

In order to compliment my studies, I’ve set up a new page in the Booklion. If you look up, you’ll be able to see a tab that says ‘what do I read next?‘. Clicking here will take you to a survey designed to ask all the necessary questions to allow me to recommend the perfect book for you (or so the research claims…) Help me test out the theories, while getting your next read effort-free, by submitting a survey. Submit as many times as you want and even impersonate friends and family for holiday gift recommendations.

Further Reading: At the opposite end of the reader response theory chronological continuum, you’ll find Research-Based Reader’s Advisory by Jessica E. Moyer, one of the most recently published books on the topic. If you’re really looking to understand the field, I’d recommend this one.


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