Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop 2 CoverI have been fortunate enough to find a little study niche in the Brookline Public library for my last semester of library school. It is quiet, sunlit, and in close proximity to an excellently curated graphic novels section. Although the majority of my life consists of studying these days, every hour or two I read a few pages of a manga and fall headfirst into a charming world where people eat rice balls for breakfast and sit on the floor to watch T.V. Bunny Drop (volumes 1-3) has been one of my favorite forays into a graphically represented modern Japan, it has the simplest, sweetest atmosphere imaginable – a perfect break from an otherwise stressful life.

I had always assumed that manga required action-packed fight scenes, full of power-balls and fantastical animals at the very least. Although I must admit that a large part of my late elementary years were spent watching DBZ and playing Pokemon on my Nintendo, that sort of manga just hasn’t seemed like the thing lately. Imagine my surprise to find, then, that Bunny Drop is more akin to contemporary literature, with a slight hint of mystery, then my memories of the genre would suggest. The only event approaching a fight scene was a minor and comic altercation between a six year old and an elderly man that ended mostly in the younger generation running away. In my daydreams of a school-free life, I pretend that whoever has Bunny Drop vol. 4 has finally returned it, and I can spend a peaceful afternoon with the novel and a cup of hot green tea.

Disclaimer: As I am sure you’ve put together from my talk of stress and lack of frequent posting, my final semester of school has been slightly overwhelming. TheBookLion will probably be taking a brief respite from the blogging world until the beginning of May. However, my dreams of a less stressful life also include publishing daily until I get through my mountainous pile of YA fiction I’ve been reading recently, which will probably occur around the middle of May. Also stay tuned for the results from my Reader’s Advisory research – I have been studying and coding blog posts to try to discover what makes a successful book recommendation.


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