Murder on the Orient Express

“You do not understand, Monsieur. I have been very fortunate in my profession. I have made enough money to satisfy both my needs and my caprices. I take now only such cases as –interest me.” (Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie)

Murder on the orient Express CoverI always seem to find an Agatha Christie mystery in some lovely beach house when I’ve neglected to bring enough to read. If you have a vacation home, make sure to stock it with lots of short, intriguing little mysteries for any vagrant readers who may stop by. I distinctly remember reading one a few years ago and never getting around to posting about it, it was just so light and quick. I remember, however, having the idea that a Christie book was the perfect thing to get a person back into reading.

I have a theory that the secret to having a reading life is to never, ever stop being in the middle of a book. Keep a running list in your mind of potential next reads and always have your next book on hand as you turn the last page. Don’t worry about finding the ‘right’ book for your mood or reading type, just grab anything you’ve ever heard of or any pretty cover and give it a try. Once you keep this up for a few months, the ‘perfect’ books will start to come up more frequently. The reason why I recommend an author like Agatha Christie here is that her books are light, mentally satisfying, and brief. You can place them between two longer ones for a breather, or reach for one to stave off the moment where you have to commit yourself to another hefty work. They are like an afternoon snack to quench the never-ending reading appetite.

Recommended Action: BuyBorrowTBR Avoid

Length: 336

Ending: Satisfying and cheerful

Further Reading: The stories of Sherlock Holmes are also brief and thought provoking and would do very well to keep one always interested in a book.


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