Bunny Drop 4

Bunny Drop 4 coverLately, my story preferences have inclined either towards realistic manga and anime or British science fiction. My daydreams drift between moving to England or Japan, and on alternating days I feel as though I was really meant to be either British or Japanese. They are both tea drinking cultures, have excellent literary histories, and have fantastic accents or cuisines, respectively – to name a few of the benefits. I live a life of stories, and although I don’t usually use them to escape or mentally travel, sometimes it seems natural and comforting to do so, such as when one’s own life is feeling particularly unsettled and uncomfortable.

I am only talking about my reading habits in order to prevent myself from, as they say, ‘gushing’ for another whole post about Bunny Drop. It is really one of the most marvelous and unexpected stories I have ever inhabited. Though the drawing is sparse and minimalist in the extreme, the sketched expressions bring the reader fully into the manga’s intricate, introspective reality. After a while, it is difficult to even see the pictures because they so immediately suggest an action – which is just what I experience from reading a written novel. If you ever have a morning with little to do, I would strongly suggest picking up this series, a cup of sencha tea, and finding a cozy spot in which to read uninterruptedly. I also think it would also be an excellent introduction to reading manga, as the story flows easily, there are no sparkling eyes or eccentric costumes, and one can get used to the order of the speech bubbles, etc.

Recommended Action: Buy BorrowTBRAvoid

Length: 208 pages (30 minutes of reading)

Ending: Satisfying, but leaves you curious about the next volume.

Further Reading: Anything else that is realistic, hopeful, and introductory all at the same time. I can’t think of anything myself, but be assured that I will keep my eyes open for the right follow-up.


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