Booklion Birthday Awards, Year 3

As I review the past year at the booklion, I can see myself growing as an omnivorous reader. Prior years saw more posts about older, tried and true novels and steady reading in already favored genres. Working at a library for the past nine months has allowed me to grab more books on a whim, simply because I’d never seen or heard of them before. Also, since I spend a great chunk of my time reading through review journals at work, I’ve become more courageous in reading new and experimental titles. I think you’ll start to see these shifts in year four of the booklion: I’ll be reviewing more recent titles and hopefully discovering books you’ve never heard of before (but you should still expect that I’ll try to convince you to read a classic every now and again).

Year 3 covers

If you’ve been with the Booklion for a while, you know the birthday awards spiel: these awards should serve more as a guide to this blog than an objective assessment of any normal category (such as publication date or specific genre).

Booklion Awards:

Best Books:


Rules of Civility

Cooking with Fernet Branca


Anne of Green Gables

 Wish I wrote:

I Capture the Castle

 Best Audiobook:


 Most Life changing:

An Everlasting Meal

 Most Disappointing:

The Casual Vacancy


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