Relish: My Life in the Kitchen

RelishFood memoirs make life seem as though it has a purpose, an overarching constant that holds a person’s story together. Like the memoirists were always meant to become people who love food from the first time that they tried pickles, or sushi, or a fresh tomato. I come from an extended family of people who mostly distrust the whole institution of eating real food, but I love to imagine that I also had foodie experiences from a young age, and that there is a nostalgic excuse for my love of cooking. Food memoirs help me with this partial re-writing of my past.

This particular memoir is also a graphic novel, complete with cartoon instructions for simple, creative dishes. The cartooning style reminds me a lot of the Silver Spoon for Children by Phaidon, and it seems to me that pictures of food, no mater if they are photographs or cartoons, always make me crave the dish itself. The cartoons help to emphasize the author’s attitude towards food – that it’s casual, fun, and should be taken lightly. This is the perfect book to read with a lovely breakfast when you believe yourself to be fed up with the daily task of cooking.

relish exerpt Recommended Action: Buy – Borrow TBRAvoid

  Length: 176 pgs.

  Ending: photo journal

  Further Reading: Another not-so-serious food memoir is A Homemade    

   life by Molly Wizenberg.


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