The Goose Girl

“The resonance of Faladas voice came softly, an echo of what was once spoken, like the voice of the sea from a shell. They faced each other thus in silent conversation, the shivering once princess and the mounted head of her steed, dead speaking with dead.” (The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale)

The Goose Girl CoverA fantastic, consistent book with lyrical, smooth prose. I read it in snatches of time during lunch breaks, but it was more than difficult to wait 24 hours for the next time I could pick it up. I’m afraid my reading schedule for the past year has been so luxurious that it quite spoiled my ability to wait more than a day or two for the end of a book.

Whenever you experience a drastic schedule change in your life, like when changing jobs or moving, it is always difficult to find where your time to read has gone. Has it migrated to commuting time? Has it changed from large stretches of uninterrupted time to bits and pieces throughout the day? Trust me, it is there. Somewhere. But you must discover it – you must experiment with your reading. I’m not talking about the age old adage about making time in your schedule for the important things, I’m talking about finding the time that is already there. Perhaps, once you try it, you’ll find that you love read/walking, or read/eating. Maybe you’ll find poetry, short stories, or children’s books suit the small chunks of time you have better than long novels do. Or perhaps you’ll find that cleaning your house on a Sunday afternoon is not half as important as finishing a book or two…

Recommended Action: BuyBorrowTBRAvoid
Length: 400 pgs
Ending: Fairy-tale appropriate
Further Reading: Shannon Hale has a host of beloved books, including a further three novels in the Bayrne world. Goose Girl reminds me of Ella Enchanted for their whimsical, quirky twists but classic fairy tale feeling.


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