No Bad Deed

“The first thing you need to know about Hell is this – it’s not as bad as they say. I mean sure, it’s hot, but it’s not raging-inferno, searing-the-flesh-from-your-bones hot. It’s more like Miami, if Miami were detroit.” (No Bad Deed by M. Ryan Sever

No Bad Deed CoverSometimes you look at your bookshelves, or your piles of library materials, and you realize: something is not right. You’re not in the mood for mid-century classics, nineteenth century classics, or, in fact, classics of any kind. You want something light, something funny, something atmospheric, or perhaps moody. What you want is to step out of your normal preferred genres and delve into something new and unexpected. This is a perfect time for M. Ryan Seaver.

Seaver delivers a mystery full of well-written prose, unexpected plot twists, and atmosphere thick enough to completely envelope you. The reading experience is quite cinematic: short enough to get through in the span of a few hours, with the pace to keep you glued to its pages. I delighted in how the setting, the City of Brimstone (i.e. Hell), mirrored John Arsenal’s personality – it’s tough and conflicted, but fascinating and perhaps redeemable.

Ultimately, it was a refreshing and new reading experience, but I look forward to seeing how Seaver irons out the rules of Brimstone in the future. So far, the one rule – that no one remembers their past life – has been broken too many times to be left unexamined.


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