Blood Song

“Time is as much a delusion as your faith, brother. To look into the void is to see the vastness and smallness of everything at once, in an instant of terror and wonder.” (Blood Song by Anthony Ryan)

Blood Song CoverThis is your typical serious high fantasy. The world needs saving, only one man can do it. You see his ‘creation’ story, his ability with the sword, his struggle with killing, his affinity for self sacrifice. The world and the plot are eerily similar to other fantasy greats (Jordan, Martin, Sanderson, Rothfuss), but Ryan breaks certain conventions, such as having his realm follow a religion that claims ‘A God is a Lie.’ In this way, Ryan delivers the best of genre fiction, providing comfort in familiarity and thrill in breaking traditions.

 For all that, I loved this book. I loved every serious, loyal, self-aggrandizing minute of it, as I love all well-wrought fantasy and sci-fi. With a beloved genre, the act of reading individual instances of that genre has little meaning. The importance lies in the continued action of genre reading – each book, for all its minor differences, perpetuates the feeling found in the first book. In the case of Fantasy and Sci-fi, that feeling is one of belief. With each iteration, the reader practices believing that good can triumph over evil, that someone will always be there to sacrifice themselves for the world. The hope is that maybe, one day, through all of this practice, you may master the art of believing these things yourself. For they are very comforting things to believe.

Recommended Action: BuyBorrowTBRAvoid
Length: 591 pgs (Audiobook Quality: Great)
Ending: Satisfying, slight cliff hanger
Incidental Learning: Swordplay, traditions of fantasy genre
Further Reading: As said above, go for Rothfuss, Sanderson, Jordan, Martin (in that order) if you liked this one.



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