Marry Me

Box of Europa EditionsIf I had one wish for you, it would be that you would distractedly pick up this book, preferably from a surprise box full of Europa editions, and read it without first looking at a summary, blurbs, or any other reaction-spoiling reviews. Then, upon seeing its girlish pink cover juxtaposed against the hilarious dark, anti-romance contents, you would fall over with laughter and immediately read aloud each of the ultra-short stories to whomever may be in the room at the time.

Unfortunately, this is not the way recommending books usually works. By the time you’ve given a title, author, and brief description, your recommendee already has a set of expectations in hand. They’ll come to the book hoping for something amusing, savage, and original – and their own reading will be colored by your off-hand adjectives. So here’s what I’ll say to you: there is a book out there well worth reading that you currently know nothing about. It may be the one I unsuspectingly read and so wish for you to stumble upon, or it may be another. The only way you’ll get to it is by randomly selecting un-recommended books with only your wits and intuition to guide you. Whatever your reaction to the book ends up being, it will be unspoiled by the opinions of others, and sweeter because it is all yours.

Recommended Action: Buy  – Borrow Now – Borrow Sometime – Avoid
Length: 160
Ending: Since each story takes up on 1/2 a page, there are about 300 perfectly biting endings
Incidental Learning: The dark corners of Dan Rhode’s mind
Further Reading: You’ll doubtless wonder: where do I get more flash fiction? It is so wonderful, why doesn’t everyone write like this? Unfortunately, I haven’t found the answer to these questions myself, so please comment if you know.

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