The Fifth Wave

“Aliens are stupid. I’m not talking about real aliens. The Others aren’t stupid. The Others are so far ahead of us, it’s like comparing the dumbest human to the smartest dog. No contest. No, I’m talking about the aliens inside our own heads. The ones we made up…” (The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey)

Some books make you feel like a reading fortune-teller. After the first few chapters, you find yourself making predictions and being right, right, right. At the end of the book, you kick yourself for not having placed bets on how it would turn out because you were just so damn right. If money could be made through reading, you tell yourself, you’d be a millionaire. Or at least a thousandaire. In any case, better off than you are now.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any bookie who would take a bet on book endings. This either has to do with the fact that you could always skip to the last chapter… or that I don’t know any bookies. Too bad, because this book was 100% predictable. If you read it, read it for the teenaged, irreverent narrative style – not the plot. And don’t bother hoping that Yancey will dig YA literature out of the love-triangle/defiant heroine rut it has wallowed in since Twilight. He won’t.

Recommended Action: BuyBorrow Now – Borrow Sometime Avoid
Length: 512 pages
Ending: predictable
Further Reading: Any other best selling YA novel would be an excellent follow up if you’re looking for more of the same.

2 thoughts on “The Fifth Wave

  1. First, congratulations on all the things in your life. Second, I enjoy your blog.

    I don’t know if you take requests but I would love your take on The Forty Rules of Love by Elik Shafak

    It was a best seller in the Maui bookshop because I offered a money back guarantee to every woman that asked for a recommendation. I never got one back.

    I won’t say more than I’m interested in your opinions on the writing device he uses as well as the story.

    Be well.

    • Hi Rod,

      Thanks so much for commenting! It looks like that book isn’t available on e-book at my library (my main source for books for the time being). I will keep it on my to-read list and get to it when I find a copy.

      Best wishes,


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