No Bookworms Here

lion with glassesIn many ways, this is a no-nonsense book blog. I won’t take up your time talking about my life, my jobs, or the various holidays and seasons that keep popping up year after year and affecting what people read. I’m not going to give away books, reblog quizzes about what Jane Austen character you are, or wish you a happy new year. I will not review dismal forthcoming titles because some publisher gave them to me for free.

I’m here to talk about books, and maybe convince you to read some of them. I’ll also talk a lot about reading: why you should read continuously, how to choose your next book, reading omnivorously, etc. etc, etc. I avoid itemizing plots (which is what Amazon is for) and instead aim to convince you to read a book by whatever means necessary, in two paragraphs or less. I may focus on the characters, the tone, the publisher, or I may hardly mention the book at all and instead use it as a platform for some other reading issue. Whatever the stance, I’m trying to cut through to what the book made me feel and think about.

If you’re new to this blog, there is a lot of material here, so make sure to check out the yearly Booklion awards: (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018) and feel free to ask for a personalized book recommendation here.

Evaluation System

Recommended Action:

Buy: Not only is this an excellent read that should be procured immediately, but it is also multi-layered and complex enough that you’ll want to keep it in your own private library so that you can return to it again and again.

Borrow Now: Immediately go to your local library or book-owning best friend and get your hands on this book. It doesn’t deserve to be on any sort of wait-list or ‘to read later’ list – it deserves to be read right now.

Borrow Sometime: These books should be read in your reading life, but there isn’t an urgency about them. Feel free to add these to the list of books you keep in your head, on your favorite list app, or stuck to your refrigerator.

Avoid: Don’t bother buying, borrowing, or even remembering to read these ones. I’m not saying that you have to burn them – but there are other books to fill up your life.


Length is important for a lot of readers. Sometimes your schedule won’t allow an 800 page clunker, but you might not get that information from every review. If I listened to the book instead of reading it, I’ll put the audiobook length and quality here in parenthesis.


Or, ‘type of ending’ – I am not going to spoil it for you. I find it important to warn readers if a book is a cliffhanger and only the first of a 13 part series. I will also indicate whether the ending is depressing or unsatisfying. For many people, the purpose of reading is to get to the satisfying ending, and for them a book would not be worth reading without it.

Incidental Learning: 

Have you ever noticed that you learn a lot while reading fiction? It may not be particularly relevant or useful information, but all reading is learning – even if its just learning about an exotic locale or the depth and breadth of an author’s imagination. In this section, I’ll highlight some topics you may learn about while reading this work.

Further reading:

This won’t be your standard ‘read-alikes’. I may cross genres, lengths, and themes, only to link together some small aspect of the books.


The BookLion got her MLIS at Simmons College in Boston, and her BA in liberal arts at St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM.

*This lion, and the one on The Book Lion’s header, was drawn by me, using Microsoft’s FreshPaint*


One thought on “No Bookworms Here

  1. Loving the book! Like a Tom Robbins read. Fast, Funny, peculiar characters, big words and unusual Venue. Thanks for the book. Love Doot!!!

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